As a supplier of badges, tags, and all sorts of signs...

We've actually seen an increased demand for particular items in certain sectors. We'd like to share with you what we still see selling through these tough times. 

Badges are a commodity, not necessarily a promotional item. As such, they are still in high demand.

  Although the closure of many retail, hospitality, and food service companies has certainly impacted badge sales, there are many sectors that are increasing their usage.  We've seen increases in usage and orders from:  

Health Services


This probably seems like common sense, but the health care industry uses many types of badges and the demand is growing daily. From standard photo identification for hospital workers, to general staff badges in health insurance agencies, to walk in clinics, most in this profession utilize badges through a program. With the increase in demand for health care over the next few months, we anticipate the amount of new clinics, hospitals, temporary care stations, and volunteers to skyrocket.  We already see a surge through our Badge Vault fulfillment program for all of our healthcare related release programs.  Were/are you providing any print or promotional products to any of these clients? If so, chances are they are in need of a flexible, reliable, more affordable solution for their badge needs. Although making sales calls to hospitals may not be preferable at this time, many of the smaller clinics and healthcare/insurance offices would welcome a hassle free and affordable solution to their growing badge needs.


Grocery Services

Grocery stores and markets have seen a major rise in sales as consumers bulk buy. Many national and local grocers have struggled to keep up with the demand and are hiring as fast as they can. This of course means they need to outfit the new staff with uniforms and badges. These have largely been some of the more economical and temporary badge styles, although many are also ramping up their usage of personalized badges for their management and higher staff through programs. 

Delivery Services

As more and more of us are staying home and practicing our "social distancing", we are turning to many delivery services to help deliver our goods. Although a good portion of these drivers are through Amazon, Grubhub, UberEats etc..., there are MANY new delivery services, and third parties handling the influx of their business, including the grocers we discussed above.  Many local restaurants are also now doing deliveries to their communities. Often times these drivers are required to wear photo identification when delivering to residential areas. These companies are in desperate need of a partner to provide a badge solution that can deliver personalized ID's quick and cost effectively. 

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As this challenge progresses, the demand for signage has increased

 An often overlooked item in our industry is signage. Sure we're all familiar with point of sale items, however directional signage, informational signage, free standing signs, and door/room/unit number signage are all extremely profitable and necessary avenues.  What we see increasing : 

CDC and Health Signage

CDC signage is being posted everywhere. Signs that explain thorough hand washing, how germs are spread, placards displaying symptoms, important things to avoid, etc, are going to be urgently needed. Urgent care clinics, government buildings, banks, gas stations, fast food establishments, and liquor stores all will need these. They can easily be printed generically, or branded as temporary or permanent solutions.  

Temporary Medical Facility Signage

One of the unfortunate truths about this trying time is the need for temporary medical facilities to handle overflow from our health care centers and hospitals.  Building numbers, unit signs, hazard warnings, bed # directional signage, and general temporary signs to further instruct, inform or direct are in fierce need. Most signage is geared for long life and high budgets. These facilities will need to stay well within a smaller budget, and only for a limited time. We have many different economical styles which are being used that range from 30 mil plastics (think credit card thickness), 1/16" thick hard plastics, to silver and white aluminum.  

Small Business Signage

Although some businesses will opt to use paper signs written with a sharpie and taped to the front door, many more will be looking for affordable, professionally printed signs. A professional sign tells the consumer that you’ll likely be around for awhile, and you won’t be closing your doors for good anytime soon. 

 Small businesses are choosing professional looking inexpensive signs to display a number of messages. With closures around the country, many businesses of all types are utilizing revised hours or temporarily closed signs.  A larger segment of signage needs are being seen in the restaurant and food service industries with “take out only”, "dining area closed, drive thru open", hand washing tips, social distancing warnings, number of items limit, or revised menus. 

  We have also created a "take out marker" which allows restaurants to assign numbers to their clients like they are dining in. Guests would be assigned a number which can easily be displayed on the car roof with a magnet for the staff to see and deliver their food. 


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Let us help.

If you would like to learn more about any of these items, we are here to help. We have specials, samples, and demos of the release site available as well. Feel free to contact us directly, or click the link below to request further info and one of our reps will reach out to you asap. Stay safe everyone!

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